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Certificate of Completion

Is presented to:

Adrián Paniagua León

For successfully completing:

Introducción a los editores visuales y el diseño web





  • Objectives
  • Aprender a gestionar el sistema de bloques de un editor visual.
  • Crear un diseño responsive.
  • Aprende sobre la estructura web.
  • Utilizar adecuadamente los plugins.
  • Conocer nuevas herramientas para el diseño web.
  • Content
  • Chapter 1: Basic level. Create a web template from scratch for WordPress
    1. 1 Lesson: Introduction to Themes Generator
    2. 2 Lesson: How to create a WordPress theme in 15 minutes
    3. 3 Lesson: Complete tutorial to create a professional WordPress template from scratch
  • Chapter 2: Advanced level. Insert and use plugins properly.
    1. 1 Lesson: Customize the Menu
    2. 2 Lesson: Add a slide show (slideshow) in WordPress
    3. 3 Lesson: Add background image in WordPress header using Themes Generator
    4. 4 Lesson: Create a blog in WordPress
    5. 5 Lesson: WordPress Themes Generator now supports WooCommerce
    6. 6 Lesson: Add a section separator to your WordPress theme
    7. 7 Lesson: Add differentes WordPress headers with Themes Generator
    8. 8 Lesson: Add a back to top button in WordPress with Themes Generator
    9. 9 Lesson: Add differentes WordPress footers with Themes Generator
    10. 10 Lesson: Create WordPress page templates with Themes Generator
  • Chapter 3: Some interesting aspects about Adobe Muse and some alternatives.
    1. 1 Lesson: The battle of page creators (visual editors)
    2. 2 Lesson: We analyze WooCommerce and its alternatives
    3. 3 Lesson: Do you know Adobe Muse? Finding similar alternatives.
    4. 4 Lesson: News and ideas for this 2019