Manage Anxiety by Yourself with ACT Therapy

In simple language learn how to manage General Anxiety, Social Anxiety & Depression by yourself at h


Course in English

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  • Certificate of Completion

  • More than 3 hours of content

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  • Printable Workbook with Exercises
  • Self-Help Guide to manage anxious thoughts, physical symptoms of anxiety, and gr
  • How to manage symptoms of anxiety at home
  • Guided Mindfulness Exercises
  • How to decrease negative emotions with thought defusion techniques
  • How to relax muscles with various breathing exercises
  • How to become aware of anxiety triggers
  • How to reconnect with your values

Instructional level



  • No prior knowledge of anything required. This course covers basic concept explanations and guided exercises

Who should take this online course

Individuals who are dealing with general anxiety, social anxiety or depression

Individuals who works with others in helping (caring) or mental health settings

Counselors, Therapists, Mentors, Students, Adults, Parents, etc