Manage your IT Project with Key Templates and Checklists

Practice Agile Project Management & lead your IT project to Success using +20 Templates & Checklists


Course in English

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  • Certificate of Completion

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Teacher: Yassine Tounsi PMP



  • Initiate a project and onboard clients properly
  • Define the project scope and break it down into feasible tasks and sprints
  • Practically manage scope, budget, schedule, stakeholders, communication, etc.
  • Manage your IT project end-to-end the Agile way
  • Plan, execute and monitor daily tasks
  • Turn your theoretical Project Management knowledge into practical skills
  • Implement the main PMI PMP concepts

Instructional level



  • Interest in learning about the IT Project Manager position
  • Basic knowledge of the Agile Methodology
  • Basic knowledge of Project Management

Who should take this online course

- Anyone and everyone who has an interest in Project Management in the IT sector

- Developers who aspire to become Project Managers

- IT PMs who want to upgrade their practical management skills and discover new tools

- Project Managers who want to convert to IT

- Students/graduates who want to start a Project Management career in the IT field

- Freelancers who want to structure their assigned projects

- Entrepreneurs who want to help their teams apply the Agile methodology