Seth Godin on Presenting to Persuade

Build your business, make your point, sell your idea


Course in English

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Teacher: Seth Godin



  • You'll discover the fundamental flaw built into the software
  • you'll see how you can use a presentation to make a huge impact, and most of all
  • you'll have a new tool to make change happen
  • People who have adopted this powerful approach have gotten funded
  • promoted, seen, heard and most of all, made a difference.

Instructional level



  • No experience necessary, except the frustration of not having your presentations work as well as you hope, and the desire of wanting to make a bigger impact.

Who should take this online course

Anyone who uses Powerpoint or Keynote to make presentations. At work, at school, on stage or in a meeting.
Perfect for entrepreneurs and those seeking to raise money or gain support.
Essential for public speakers, managers and fundraisers.
If your boss says she needs a deck, you need this course.