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    Write Chinese Character in 90 Minutes

    Write Chinese Character in 90 Minutes - Rules of Chinese Stroke Orders — Bi Hua ??   Chinese Characters are the soul of Chinese culture! What we call Chinese is because the Chinese Characters. Chinese Characters contain information, the unique pictorial language system which survives more than 5000 years and still show its vigour in modern time. Chinese language contains NO alphabet. It is proved by modern medical that Chinese Characters will use different brain areas in your brain, differs from all alphabetic languages. In other words, learning to recognize Chinese Characters will make you smarts and prevent Alzheimer. Write Chinese is not that hard as you thought! It is drawing! It is a good brain gym exercise for everyone. "Learn How to Write Chinese Characters in 90 Minutes" courses will guidance you as ZERO beginners to master all the 7 basic rules and 9 more Supplementary Rules. We will use our unique pictorial Cartoonist illustration to explain all the basic Rules of Chinese Stroke Orders in Part 1. The Flash card approach will elaborate in more details.   There are total 10 videos which will take you 90 Minutes to master all the Rules of Chinese Stroke Orders.      

    1ReviewsTeacher: David Yao at LEGOO Mandarin