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Valery Miranda Reyes

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    Learn to Sell Anything using Practical Sales Techniques

    Throughout this training program you will learn how to sell your product or service with excellence. We will start with the basics of sales process and gradually move on towards more complex concepts.    The skills and competences acquired in this course will allow to easily unfold yourself in any conversation with a potential client.    You will learn simple and highly efficient persuasion strategies.    I will teach you how to speak about the advantages of your product or service so that it is perceived as the solution to the client’s need. This last aspect will surely make you a successful seller.    Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to measure your acquired knowledge with short quizzes.    This course is continually updated with new documents and content. As the instructor, I will gladly answer any questions you may have.    I cannot wait to see your progress!    Sincerely,   Jesús Planas.

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