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    Spoken Chinese Training Course for Hospital Industry

    The current courses in alive and more courses on the way or under contraction. We will move closer to our target: Edeo: Educational video courses online, which will include more courses like Bahasa Malaysia and Tai Chi Fitness and Oi Gong in addition to our Legoo Mandarin   Edeo's mission is to provide Affordable, On-demand, Educational video courses to enrich life experiences through learning.     Affordable: If you can afford your time to learn, we can offer you the value-of-price.On-demand:  learn at your own paceEducational video: Combine Textbook, Audio, and Teachers explanation in to EDEOCourses: Set of Videos, online quiz, downloadable notes and writing exercises. We offer on-demand, affordable courses so that you can fulfill your limitless potential on your own terms.  Edeo's courses are entirely on-demand which means that you can enroll in the courses that interest you and learn at your own pace. Once you enroll in a Edeo's course, you have lifetime access to it, and there are no deadlines to complete the course.                        In this Course, we will show: Basic Conversational  Chinese Sentences Related to Hospital Industry at the lowest price and best effect

    0ReviewsTeacher: David Yao at LEGOO Mandarin