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    Make your summers count for a successful college admission

    For many students, summers are the best time accomplish various activities and grow! So why not make your summer’s count for something that will support your high school and college experience? Our course “Make Your Summers Count” will discuss how you should plan your summers in order to support your college admissions goals. We will review some important summer program options related to academics, volunteer work, career exploration and ways to personally enrich yourself, among others. Join us as we look at strategies to make the most out of your summer months! In this course you will learn about: Why you need to plan out your summer The four essential summer components How to create a summer plan that will support your college admissions goals We hope from this course you are able to create a summer that will not only be enjoyable, but successful for your future college admissions process.

    5ReviewsTeacher: Claudine Vainrub