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    The Fiddle and The Fire: Investing During a World Crisis

    The Roman Emporer Nero infamously played the fiddle as Rome burned under his watch. For many, early 2020 felt like the world was ablaze, as it did for some in 2008 and 2001. A major health crisis created panic worldwide, the likes of which hadn't been seen in quite a while. But does this sort of panic create opportunity? This course tackles a topical subject, more relevant than ever in today's globalized landscape, as we consider how a world event or a perceived crisis can impact investment opportunities. For those who can maintain clarity of thought and a bit of common sense, there *may* be opportunity awaiting. Maybe. This course is designed for two groups of students: 1.) Those who have enjoyed our previous courses. 2.) Those who know absolutely nothing about investment and may be somewhat interested in learning a little bit about why world events can create investment opportunities. We offer this course for free so that it may motivate anyone who has never previously considered learning about investment. Please be advised that this is for *entertainment purposes ONLY*. We strongly recommend that anyone new to investment learn as much as possible before getting involved. This course appeals to total beginners who would like to understand some basic reasons why current events can impact stocks and real estate. It does *not* cover financial and/or economic theories, studies and/or strategies. Advanced students-- or even advanced beginners-- should pursue other courses. This class offers basic knowledge and is designed as a companion piece to many of our other courses, as it addresses concepts taught in our real estate investment; stocks and bonds; mutual funds and business courses. It is merely philosophical in nature. However, perhaps it will inspire an interest in the topic for anyone out there who is curious.  With that said, we hope those for whom it is intended will find it to be worthwhile. Enjoy!

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