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Hola hola, mi nombre es Lesly Mariela, me gustan mis dos nombres y mis estudiantes me llaman teacher Less, Coach Lesly o Coach Marie cualquiera esta bien. He enseñado el idioma inglés a niños, jovenes, y adultos por más de 5 años. Esto debido a que me apasiona ayudar a los demas a que aprendan o practiquen el idioma inglés, y me gusta motivar a mis estudiantes todo el tiempo para que logren sus metas.
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Ciudad Guatemala, Guatemala
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    Motivation in Second Language Learning

    This course is aimed for those who are currently majoring in Language Teaching and are having a difficult time not knowing how to manage motivation in students properly, This course develops several important aspects of motivation, its types, views, what factors are involved in it, etc.  Motivation is the reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way. Psychologists have distinguished two major attitudinal factors which play an important role in a learner. The foreign language learners who see the language as key to social and cultural enrichment The learners who may simply be studying the language for a short- term goal and does not involve wanting to be integrated into a target group or culture. Learning should be meaningful and worthwhile. Students motives, goals and strategies developed in response to classroom activities will depend both on the nature of the activities and the teacher presentation.   Motives: Constructs that explains why people are doing what they are doing. Goals: The immediate objectives of particular sequences of behaviour Strategies: The methods that the person uses to achieve the goal and to satisfy or at least respond to the motive.  

    2ReviewsTeacher: Alexa Delgadillo