3 Minute Portugese - Free taster course

Learn Portuguese in a way you never have before with fun and logical lessons - in 3 minute chunks!


Course in English

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Lifetime

Teacher: Kieran Ball



  • Learn Portuguese in simple, bite sized chunks.
  • Perfect for the complete beginner with no Portuguese knowledge.
  • Be more than just an average tourist when travelling to Portugal or Brazil.
  • Speak from the very first lesson.
  • Build your own sentences without memorisation.
  • Complete lessons in 3 minute chunks - perfect for the busy learner.
  • Learn words and phrases that you can use immediately.

Instructional level



  • You don't need to know any Portuguese to succeed with 3 Minute Portuguese.

Who should take this online course

You really want to learn to speak Portuguese in a very simple and very quick way.


You are going to spend a holiday/vacation in Portugal or another Portuguese speaking country.


You have failed to learn Portuguese in the past but really want to give it one more go.


You have no experience with Portuguese but you would like to learn fast.


You have always wanted to learn a new language but you are very busy and can never find the time.

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    Armando Martinez
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    Amalia Pooled
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    Henry Siritt
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    Wilper Maurilio Faya Castro
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    Rafael Flores Peraza
    Es sencillo, básico, pero la técnica es muy buena. Me gustó especialmente porque estoy aprendiendo los dos idiomas, Inglés y Portugués. Ahora a buscar algo más avanzado. Agradecido por mis primeros pasos en en esta lengua.
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    Milagros Maldonado
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    Mónica Alejandra Ponce