Ableton Live Comprehensive, Part 1: The Interface & Basics

Learning Ableton Live the right way from Ableton Certified Trainer J. Anthony Allen


Course in English

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  • Certificate of Completion

  • More than 2 hours of content

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Teacher: Jason Allen



  • Navigate 100% of Ableton Live
  • Work in the Session View and Arrangement View of Ableton Live
  • Record Audio, Midi, and Understand Live's Signal Flow

Instructional level



  • Access to Ableton Live will be required. Using the trail version (free for 30 days) would be a great way to start.

Who should take this online course

Beginners: If you don't know much about music production, this is the best class to start with.

Intermediate: If you've dabbled with Ableton Live, but are missing the foundational knowledge of the program, start here.

Advanced: People using Ableton Live on a dialy basis will benefit from the workflow tips, vocabulary, and techniques in this course.