Attachment Styles 101

Create fulfilling relationships & enjoy life!


Course in English

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Teacher: Arevik Hayrapetyan



  • have a fundamental understanding of your attachment style
  • understand why you are attracted to specific people
  • identify unhealthy patterns in your relationships & release them
  • gain tools and techniques to work on making your attachment style more secure

Instructional level



  • You do not need any prior knowledge to take this course.
  • The only requirement for this course is your desire to create fulfilling relationships in your life and your willingness to make the necessary changes in your life, based on what you will learn during the course.
  • Having a journal, dedicated to this course, is a good idea :)

Who should take this online course

The course will be valuable to you, if you want to transform relationships in any area of your life: 

your romantic relationship (this is the main focus of the course)

your workplace relationships,

your relationships with your family members and friends, and even with your kids :)