Basic English: Learn Grammar and Speak Correctly!

Learn grammar and practice speaking with the best English speaking training system!


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Teacher: Vladimir Svistelnik



  • 1. To show that learning English can be easy, beautifully and effectively.
  • 2. To help beginners to understand English grammar without translation.
  • 3. To help beginners to understand basic principles of English language.
  • 4. To help learners to get enough speaking practice to speak correctly.
  • 5. To make learners become literate and confident in English.

Instructional level



  • 1. You should be ready to spend your time and efforts to lean English.
  • 2. You should be ready to work hard in order to start speaking English fluently.
  • 3. You should understand that without learning grammar you will not be able to speak correctly.
  • 3. You should understand that neither teachers nor schools can help you to learn English.
  • 4. You should understand that only you yourself can master English.
  • 5. You should also understand that traditional learning methods are ineffective and try to find new and more effective learning programs.

Who should take this online course

This course is for beginners who start learning English almost from zero. If you can read and write English, you can learn Elementary and Basic Grammar courses successfully. If you cannot read and write English, I will make a reading and writing course especially for you. Good luck in learning English! With the Beautiful English learning system you can do it!

Este curso es para principiantes que comienzan a aprender inglés casi desde cero. Si puede leer y escribir en inglés, puede aprender con éxito los cursos de gramática básica y básica. Si no puedes leer y escribir en inglés, haré un curso de lectura y escritura especialmente para ti. ¡Buena suerte en aprender inglés! Con el sistema de aprendizaje Beautiful English puedes hacerlo!