Basic Information on Cyber Security and Must-Know Info

Basic Information on Cyber Security and Must-Know Information


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Teacher: Bilal Semih Bozdemir



  • Cyber Seecurity

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Who should take this online course

In all this virtual life we ??have mentioned, we have to protect ourselves and our institutions against cyber attackers. At this point, we come across the definition of "Cyber ??Security".

The word cyber is the name given to networks whose infrastructure is information systems. It can generally be defined as virtual reality. In short, Cyber ??Security is to ensure the security of life on cyber networks, whose infrastructure is information systems, and to protect its integrity and privacy.

This course is a must for anyone in the communication age, under their keyboard fingers. Use a laptop, a computer, a phone or a tablet.

This course is essential for anyone who uses the internet and any communication-related device.

In this course, you will learn all cyber security measures from the beginning.