Build and Secure Restful APIS with Nodejs and Mongo

Learn how to build, secure, deploy REST APIS with Nodejs, Express, Mongoose, and PassportJs


Course in English

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  • More than 2 hours of content

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Teacher: Haider Malik



  • Learn how to build CRUD APIs with Nodejs and Mongoose
  • Learn how to write documentation for the APIs using Swagger
  • Learn how to add JWT authentication with ExpressJs and Passportjs
  • Learn how to implement role based authentication
  • Deploy Nodejs App to Heroku

Instructional level



  • Basic Knowledge of Javascript is required
  • Basic Knowledge of Nodejs is required

Who should take this online course

Anyone that wants to learn how to build & deploy REST apis with Node, Express & MongoDB

You’re a back-end developer familiar with frameworks like ASPNET, Rails, Django, etc. Now, you want to add Node to your toolbox