Business Performance Review and Strategy Audit

Through practical Case Study


Course in English

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Teacher: Balachandran Subramaniam



  • Acquire skills & knowledge to do professional business performance review.
  • Acquire skills & knowledge to do professional audit of business strategy.
  • Master skills and knowledge to use different kinds of Data.
  • Carry out Market, Operational & Financial analysis of any business.
  • Know how to construct and use the GE-McKinsey Portfolio Matrix.
  • Learn to present conclusions to your seniors or clients, with visual appeal.

Instructional level



  • No specific requirement. Only interest in the subjects of Business Performance and Strategy.

Who should take this online course

It will benefit Managers (both present & aspiring) in any functional area, Owners of Businesses & Startups, Business Analysts and Management Consultants – because all of them need to review the performance of their own or their client's company, business unit, product line or function and assess how effective their business strategy is, on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. And of course, also students in business schools.