Day Trading and Swing Trading Futures with Price Action.

Reduce risk day trading futures, swing trading futures or any financial trading using price action.


Course in English

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Teacher: Humberto Malaspina



  • To teach students how to control risk to increase their chances for success.
  • To give students the tools to find their edge to succeed.
  • To teach students how to trade with price action.
  • To teach students a very simple trading strategy.

Instructional level



  • Students should know about basic concepts of futures, Microsoft Excel, Law of Supply and Demand and Candlestick Charting

Who should take this online course

This course is for anyone interested in improving his (her) trading plan for reducing risk.

It should be taken by traders looking to expand their knowledge about trend detection, risk analysis and money management.

Any student looking for reaching better levels of profitability.

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    John Betancourt
    Excellent course, it is very complete and is clearly explained. The risk assessment and price action interpretation part is invaluable. The instructor knows the subject very well. Highly recommended course.