Deep Learning: Top 4 Python Libraries You Must Learn in 2021

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  • Overview of Tensorflow 2.0, PyTorch, MXNet and OpenCV modules, APIs
  • Build Convolutional Neural Network CNN models
  • Build Recurrent Neural Network RNN models
  • Build Fully Connected Network FCN models
  • Implement Transfer Learning using using Tensorflow 2.0, PyTorch and MXNet
  • Execute Image Transformation Operations using OpenCV
  • Execute Feature Extraction and Detection using OpenCV
  • Perform Data Pipeline Transformation using Tensorflow 2.0, PyTorch and MXNet
  • Action steps after every module that is similar to real-life projects
  • Advanced lessons that are not included in most deep learning courses out there
  • Apply your new-found knowledge through the Capstone project
  • Download Jupyter files that contain live codes & simulations that experts use.

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