Deep Learning with Python for Image Classification

Learn Deep Learning, Machine Learning &Computer Vision for Image Classification in PyTorch using CNN


Course in English

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  • Certificate of Completion

  • More than 1 hour of content

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Teacher: Mazhar Hussain



  • Learn Image Classification using Deep Learning PreTrained Models
  • Learn Single-Label Image Classification and Multi-Label Image Classification
  • Learn Deep Learning Architectures Such as ResNet and AlexNet
  • Write Python Code in Google Colab
  • Connect Colab with Google Drive and Access Data
  • Perform Data Preprocessing using Transformations
  • Perform Single-Label Image Classification with ResNet and AlexNet
  • Perform Multi-Label Image Classification with ResNet and AlexNet
  • Learn Transfer Learning
  • Dataset, Data Augmentation, Dataloaders, and Training Function
  • Deep ResNet Model FineTuning
  • ResNet Model HyperParameteres Optimization
  • Deep ResNet as Fixed Feature Extractor
  • Models Optimization, and Training
  • Transfer Learning Results and Visualization

Instructional level



  • Deep Learning with Python and Pytorch is taught in this course
  • A Google Gmail account to get started with Google Colab to write Python Code

Who should take this online course

- Deep Learning enthusiasts interested to learn with Python and Pytorch

- Students and researchers interested in Deep Learning for Image Classification