Become a DBT Practitioner and boom your counseling skills

Learn to use all 4 modules of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in your Counseling Practice


Course in English

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  • Certificate of Completion

  • More than 10 hours of content

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Teacher: Psychology Online



  • Learn DBT in depth with case studies
  • All 4 Modules of DBT covered in this training
  • In depth training of DBT Emotion Regulation Skills
  • In depth training of DBT Distraction Techniques
  • In depth training of DBT Self Soothing Skills
  • In depth training of DBT Relaxation Exercises
  • In depth training of DBT Mindfulness Exercises
  • In depth training of DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills
  • Understand how to strategically handle any personal difficulty or life challenge
  • Skills from the official DBT Training Manual
  • Learn how to use DBT for disorders such as Bipolar, Depression, BPD, Anxiety

Instructional level



  • No prior knowledge required. Just a keen interest in DBT and how you can apply it in your life and that of your clients'

Who should take this online course

Counsellors, Psychologists and Therapists

Mental Health Professionals

Anyone who is interested in counselling or psychotherapy

Anyone who works (or wants to work) in therapeutic settings

Anyone wanting to learn DBT skills to help themselves

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    Md.Sumon Ali
    Thx u so much for giving this opportunity.
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    Md.Rakib Rased Rana
    This is very nice and good training course I hope this platform and this instructur collection very nice contact overall oswom. Thx u so much for giving give me this opportunity.