Dutch Language Conversation at Its Best

Study conversations, situations, and small talk to improve your Dutch language skills


Course in English

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  • More than 1 hour of content

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Teacher: Vincent E Noot



  • Ask questions in Dutch.
  • Learn to tell times and dates in Dutch.
  • Talk about money, banking, and the post office in Dutch.
  • Speak sentences related to telephone, internet, photography, and the weather in
  • How to greet others in Dutch.
  • Discuss religion and job issues in Dutch.
  • Small talk about hobbies, compliments, romance, and sightseeing in Dutch.
  • Ask directions and call for emergencies in Dutch.
  • Talk about food, hotels, and transportation in Dutch.

Instructional level



  • No previous experience. Just basic English skills.

Who should take this online course

Anyone who learns a language by practicing conversation.

Those who want to learn Dutch.

The ones who speak a little Dutch but want to improve on their skills.

Someone who is planning a trip to a Dutch speaking country.

Anyone who interacts with people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, or Dutch Antilles.

Those who are interested in learning Dutch phrases.