Dutch Language & Grammar Immersion and Insights

Become better at Dutch by learning the ins and outs of grammar rules and listen to examples


Course in English

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Teacher: Vincent E Noot



  • Learn Dutch grammar at an intermediate level.
  • Become acquainted with inversion, conjunctives, prepositions, and adjectives in
  • Simple sentences as examples to support the theory of grammar.
  • Some background tips and insights about the Netherlands and/or Belgium.
  • Verbs in the past tense, as well as the past participle in Dutch.

Instructional level



  • Simple English and reading skills so you'll know what I'm talking about.
  • A simple, beginners level of the Dutch pronunciation, or the guts to dive right into intermediate grammar.

Who should take this online course

Anyone interested in the road of mastering the Dutch language.

Those who know a little Dutch but not a lot.

Those who want to expand their knowledge about grammar and certain Dutch words.

Beginners who consider themselves fast learners.