Emotion Linguistic Programming (ELP)

First time ever. The Art & Science of Emotion Transformation.


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Teacher: Saunak Bahatta



  • Understand the skills and knowledge required to re-program the Emotional Pattern
  • Build deeper understanding about the nature of your hidden positive and negative
  • Learn the techniques of NLP, CBT, REBT, Mindfulness to manifest a mature Emotion
  • Learn the Science and Art of Emotion Transformation = Emotion Linguistic Program
  • Re-design the mindset required to create an iconic self
  • Break the barriers of belief system to re-train the Emotional Pattern
  • Learn the techniques that allows you to coach the needed ones for their Emotiona
  • Unleash your Emotional State to be an Emotional Champion

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Who should take this online course

Students interested to learn about human mind, emotion, psychology, personal development, self help techniques, NLP, CBT, etc.