English Grammar Tenses. 100% Speaking Practice

Practice making all types of correct sentences and speak correctly and fluently.


Course in English

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Teacher: Vladimir Svistelnik



  • 1. To help learners to see and to understand English grammar without translation
  • 2. To help learners to learn making correct sentences in all the grammar tenses.
  • 3. To help learners to make all types of sentences with all the grammar tenses.
  • 4. To help learners to start speaking English fluently and correctly.
  • 5. To prepare learners for mastering higher levels of English language.

Instructional level



  • No special requirements are needed, however learners should be able at least to read and to write English.

Who should take this online course

This course is for those who want to understand English grammar on the Intermediate Level, get high level and good quality speaking practice and go up to higher levels of English language.

Este curso es para aquellos que desean entender la gramática del inglés en el nivel intermedio, obtener un nivel alto y una práctica oral de buena calidad y llegar a niveles más altos del idioma inglés.