Fire Safety Master course-The Secrets of fire safety

Fire prevention and Fire control-Fire safety Best Practices for All industry professional


Course in English

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  • More than 1 hour of content

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Teacher: Shaukat Ali



  • Have an understanding of Fire
  • Be able to reduce Fire risk at Work
  • Take Action when Fire Alarm sounds
  • Know what to do if you find a fire
  • Clear Crystal Concept of Fire classifications.
  • Be able to correctly and safely select and use a fire extinguisher
  • Know how to operate fire extinguisher
  • Be able to inspect fire extinguisher
  • Understand Best Fire safety Practices

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Who should take this online course


- Anyone who wants to start his fire safety career.

- Anyone who believes they have a passion for fire safety and have urge to learn more deeply.

- Anyone who’s never take fire safety training, but really wants to learn real stuff!

- Anyone who’s go through fire safety that hasn’t succeeded as expected.

- Anyone looking to position themselves as an authority in their safety field.