Fusion 360 Step by Step | CAD, FEM & CAM for Beginners

The Ultimate Hands-On Guide for AUTODESK FUSION 360! Learn Design, Simulation, Manufacturing,...


Course in English

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  • More than 3 hours of content

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Teacher: M.Eng. Johannes Wild



  • Find your way around Fusion 360 quickly and confidently
  • Master all workspaces and their key features (CAD, CAM, FEM,..) of Fusion 360
  • Obtain Fusion 360 free of charge as a private/hobby user
  • Learn the basics of CAD design and the different ways of working
  • The 2D sketches and 3D object creation in the CAD / Design workspace
  • Create individual parts and assemblies in the CAD / Design workspace
  • To make connections (joints) between individual parts
  • Render and animate individual parts and assemblies
  • Simulate individual parts and assemblies, i.e. apply loads and display stresses
  • Learn the computer-aided manufacturing process in Fusion 360 (CAM) and prepare a
  • Create technical drawings in Fusion 360, also using a practical example

Instructional level



  • No prerequisites! Everything is explained step by step and in detail from scratch!
  • Free Fusion 360 license available for home/hobby users

Who should take this online course

The course is designed for absolute beginners and intermediate students.

For all who want to create, animate, render and simulate 3D objects (CAD).

No restrictions! Interested people, students, engineers, laymen, hobby users, designers, retirees,...