'Greensleeves' Creative Piano Lessons Course

Craft your own arrangement of this popular, timeless melody


Course in English

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  • More than 2 hours of content

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Teacher: Bob Chappell



  • Learn to play several versions of 'Greensleeves' freely at the keyboard
  • Understand basic popular music theory terms

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  • You must like 'Greensleeves'!

Who should take this online course

A stand-alone Musicarta project for all levels designed to get a complete performance of this beautiful tune into your repertoire efficiently and easily - and teach a raft of 'practical music theory' along the way.

For all levels. You can learn to play just the simplest two-handed arrangement or develop your arrangement as far as you can take it with chord inversion, syncopation, broken chord accompaniments, counter-melody harmonization - all techniques you can use in all your playing going forward.

For readers and non-readers alike. Ample video and virtual piano demonstrations mean not reading music is not a problem - while offering a painless and effective way to get into or back into reading for both novices and lapsed pianists coming back to the instrument.