How To Become A Successful Film Director

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Teacher: ESA Films



  • How you can become a TVC and corporate video director
  • The most common and uncommon routers to becoming a director
  • How to develop a reel to help your directing career
  • How to develop your network
  • How to write a killer spot and the best approach
  • How to get signed with a top production company
  • Getting directing jobs directly from agencies
  • Getting directing jobs directly from companies
  • Strategies that work with agencies and companies
  • Being a safe pair of hands
  • Where else to find directing work
  • How to create test ads
  • The 3 C's of directing
  • Know the industry
  • Sample TVC's
  • Words of wisdom to help you on your journey

Instructional level



  • An interest in directing film, tv or corporate video content
  • No prior experience in directing is required

Who should take this online course

Anyone who wants to become a director

Anyone with an interest in film, TV or corporate video direction

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    Billy Batson