How to Combine Design Thinking, Lean and Agile?

Build The Right Thing and Build The Thing Right


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Teacher: Will Jeffrey



  • How design thinking, the lean movement, and agile software development can make
  • Define your beliefs and assumptions as well as your strategy
  • Diagnose the current condition and explore possible futures
  • Decide what to learn, and how to learn it, through fast research and experimenta
  • Know how to lead teams to win

Instructional level



  • A desire to better understand the needs of the customer
  • Interest in Information Technology (IT) and Software Requirements Definition / Analysis

Who should take this online course

People with no prior knowledge of 'Agile' that want to learn the basics of Design Thinking, Lean UX & Scrum
People with basic knowledge of 'Agile' that want to understand how Design Thinking, Lean Startup & Scrum work together
People interested in personal development looking for new, innovative ways to (re-)design their lives