How to Design Digital (World Class Courses & Products) TM

How to design online and digital courses and real products with simplicity and 10X value


Course in English

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Teacher: Dr. F A K Noble



  • Mindset for designing world class online courses.
  • What are world class principles/values of world class courses design for ultimat
  • How to design world class online courses
  • Fundament principles of education for future leaders
  • How design deep curriculum as per current demand
  • How to design 10X value world class online courses
  • How to design world class real products with 10X value and quality for customers
  • How to design deep curriculum and other products as per current demand ,future

Instructional level



  • No prior experience of Curriculum Design is needed to join in this course.
  • Students are advised to take notes for self-reflection purposes.
  • You can study deep curriculum design anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Who should take this online course

Designer, students, entrepreneurs, product designers, teachers, parents,