How To Do Marketing (PROPERLY) And Sell Your Talent Online.

Learning The Basics of Marketing.


Course in English

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Teacher: Pedro Planas



  • Learning the basics of marketing.
  • Understanding how online marketing works.
  • Learning about SEO.
  • Learning about marketing strategies.
  • Developing your lifestyle while you learn marketing.
  • Finally using your talent to make money and not working for someone else.

Instructional level



  • A computer.

Who should take this online course

This videocourse is an informative dessert that will be satisfying the hunger for information on marketing in a very broad manner of anyone loving to make business while having a great life too! 

Moreover, you will get to develop your own lifestyle so that you don't just work and work with no joy or family time. We are here to help you not to harm your life. As long as you are really wanting to get your dreams achieved and your business finally growth this is the medicine you were looking for on these days!