How to Immigrate to Canada as a Food Service worker.

Guide for Canada immigration and how to get a job and work as a food service,hotels and restaurants


Course in English

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Teacher: Andy Rodriguez



  • How to find a job as a food service worker in Canada.
  • Learn the basic of the work permit/ visa application process.
  • Learn how to create a Canadian resume and cover letter.
  • Learn how to effectively search for a job in Canada from abroad.
  • Learn how to get ready for an interview with a Canadian employer.

Instructional level



  • You will need to be able to speak English at the intermediate or Advanced level.
  • You will need to have training, education and work experience in Food service, restaurants or hotels.
  • You should be able to use a PC .You will need access to the internet and a printer.

Who should take this online course

People with a food service experience that want to get a job in Canada.

People with training in occupations such as cooks, chef, waiter, bakers, food attendant, fast food workers, etc.

Immigrants to Canada that want to reach better job opportunities.