Learn Excel Data Analysis with Interactive Excel Dashboards

Create 6 Excel Dashboards - Learn Excel Data Analysis & Data Visualization with Excel Functions


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Teacher: SkillsOnDemand



  • You will learn about Pivot Tables and Pivot Chart
  • You will learn to create 6 Dynamic Excel Dashboard
  • You will learn how to Design, Format and Style Data Elements
  • Learn the Concepts of How to Create and Design an Interactive Excel Dashboard
  • Learn Data Analysis using Excel

Instructional level



  • Basic Excel Knowledge
  • This Course is created on Excel 2016, You can also use Excel 2010 and above
  • Interest to Learn and Upgrade Your Skillset
  • A Windows PC where Microsoft Excel is Installed

Who should take this online course

If you want to learn data analysis

If you are looking to improve your Microsoft Excel Skills

If you want to learn how to create Excel Charts, Formulas and Functions and Excel Shortcuts

If you want to learn foundation of how to create Excel Dynamic Dashboards

If you create Management Reports or MIS

Anyone who works with Excel on a regular basis

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    Kevin Peter
    Simple to understand, instructor has good knowledge on the subject. I will learn to create and dashboards in a simple way with this course.
  • avatar
    Andreu Sendra Pardo
    Fantastic material!