Learn Spanish from scratch!

Learn the foundations and main sentences that you need to know to hold a common conversation


Course in English

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Teacher: Oscar Peñalver Sintes



  • Communicate properly in Spanish using words and sentences used by natives
  • Make correct sentences in Spanish and start expressing yourself in Spanish
  • Understand better when people speak Spanish
  • Distinguish between Spanish from Spain and American Spanish dialects in general
  • Begin to integrate yourself into the Universal Spanish-speaking culture. Olé!

Instructional level



  • Please be ready to write down new words in a notebook.
  • Be sure you have good headphones and check that you can hear well.

Who should take this online course

This Spanish language course is for complete beginners who can understand English and who are willing to talk Spanish in a daily basis, whether it is at home or at work. This course should not be done with the only purpose of understanding what people say, because we will also be building on the speaking part.

The student is asked to keep track of the course since the beginning, complete the assignments and collaborate in the forum.

The student who takes this course needs to stay curious and to use all available resources to get the best out of the course.