Learn The Wave Principle To Understand Any Market Behavior

Discover The Wave Principle And Boost Your Probabilities of a Successful Trade in Financial Markets


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Teacher: Eduardo Maldonado



  • The Wave Principle Help Any Trader/Investor To Know When To Buy, Sell, or Wait.
  • This Principle Will Enable You To See Order Behind Chaos of Financial Charts.
  • Spot Higher Probability Trades By Identifying Important Pattern Combinations
  • Read Any Financial Charts Without The Need of Fundamentals Analysis (News) Or In

Instructional level



  • This course is not for everyone.
  • Become a Practitioner, not a copy trader.
  • It's the same as learning any language. It requires Practice and there's a period of "I don't understand anything".

Who should take this online course


"You blow me away every time I see your videos! You have really immersed yourself in the Wave Principle. Really looking forward to learning from you and your channel" Mzich

"It's been a great into packed webinar. I am amazed how fast you recognize the patterns, hopefully one day I will be able to see them as well." diglyphotovideo

"Everything is tied to wave principle and if you think otherwise you are a fool. Fibonacci porn Lito's secret weapon in becoming chart master. And a true successor of Ralph Nelson Elliott. Let the 1.618 be with you!" bulek


- Practitioners who are looking for the Real Wave Principle, and not some "updated" or "upgraded" version of Elliott's original work with tons of rules and added crap that overcomplicates the analysis.

- Traders who wants to learn how to buy, sell or wait.

- Financial Analysts who wants to learn what may happen in the future in the economics bird-view.

- Chart Analysts who wants to understand what's happening behind the candlesticks behavior.

- People who are in love with the mysticism and wants to know more about Fibonacci and the Financial Markets