Learn VHDL from the beginning for FPGA and CPLD development

Learn how to code in VHDL from zero for FPGAs and CPLDs of Xilinx / Altera(Intel) / Lattice and Micr


Course in English

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  • More than 10 hours of content

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Teacher: ofer k



  • How to write the VHDL code from zero
  • Fundamentals of FPGA and CPLD
  • Everything needed in order to become an FPGA engineer
  • Solving out 6 exercises and learn by examples
  • How to Simulate your VHDL design
  • Upload the VHDL code to a real FPGA with development board
  • VHDL structure, types, variables and how to write the code right

Instructional level



  • Familiar with logic gates
  • Familiar with digit represents such as Binary and Hexadecimal

Who should take this online course

Anyone who wants to know VHDL and how to code in VHDL

Anyone who wants to know FPGAs/CPLDs world

Anyone who wants a better resume for his next job with a must knowledge for any Hitech company