Linkedin Advertising 101 | Ultimate Linkedin Ads Course

LinkedIn Ads Pro: Transform Your Strategy with LinkedIn Ads Mastery.


Course in English

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Teacher: Jim Esen



  • You will learn the Linkedin ads metrics.
  • You will learn Linkedin ads campaign structures.
  • You will learn Linkedin ads ad formats.
  • You will learn Linkedin ads campaign set ups.
  • You will learn Linkedin message ads.
  • You will learn Linkedin conversation ads.
  • You will learn Linkedin single image ads.
  • You will learn Linkedin video ads.

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Who should take this online course

LinkedIn Ads Specialists looking to sharpen their skills.

Marketing Managers aiming to excel in LinkedIn Ads.

Social Media Managers specializing in LinkedIn Ads.

Small Business Owners seeking to optimize LinkedIn Ads campaigns.

Sales Professionals wanting to master LinkedIn Ads for lead generation.

Freelancers looking to market their services through LinkedIn Ads.

Non-profit Organizations interested in leveraging LinkedIn Ads for awareness.

Career Coaches guiding clients with LinkedIn Ads strategies.

B2B Salespeople using LinkedIn Ads to connect with decision-makers.

SaaS Companies looking to reach businesses with LinkedIn Ads.

Event Managers promoting conferences through LinkedIn Ads.