Norwegian Language Course A1 Part2

An Introduction to The Norwegian Language.


Course in English

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Teacher: Henning Gustavsen



  • Learn basic Norwegian Language.
  • To speak about what they like to do during their free time.
  • To speak about how they are doing and how they feel.
  • To talk about daily routines
  • Norwegian courses and life as a language student.
  • Norwegian you need for simple purchases and prices in Norwegian.
  • Transportation, time tables and some simple traffic rules.
  • Norwegian they need when visiting a bank, a library or going to the post office.
  • To talk about weather and climate.
  • To ask for repetition or an explanation.
  • Important seasons, months and dates in Norway.
  • Big family happenings.
  • Shopping for clothes.
  • Words for clothing and buying new clothes.
  • To describe something, how it looks and where it is.

Instructional level



  • None. However it is recommended taking Norwegian Language Course A1P1 first.

Who should take this online course

Students with very little knowledge of the Norwegian Language. 

This is a basic course that will be a great fit for beginners.