Psychology Diploma Course - Semester - 1

Psychology Diploma Course - Semester - 1 - Module - 1


Course in English

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Teacher: Bilal Semih Bozdemir



  • psychology diploma
  • psycghology course
  • psychology first semester

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Who should take this online course

The average time given to complete each module is one month. There is no required time to complete semesters by completing all modules. However, there must be at least 36 months between the first module and the graduation date.

After starting the first module, you can get a "student certificate" if the applicable diploma fee is paid early.

The Udemy certificate you get at the end of each module shows that you have finished that module.

When you start the first module, your Student Advisor will start to guide you.

When you start this module, the Student Affairs Department will send you your "Student Certificate" and links to access other modules through your Advisor Teacher.