Risky Business: Beginners' Guide to Planning a New Business

Using Business Plans, Marketing Strategies and Analytical Assessments in Preparation for Success.


Course in English

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Teacher: AROV Education



  • How to write a functional business plan.
  • How to craft an elevator speech and why having one is important.
  • Ideas on how to market a new business with limited financial investment.
  • What the Pareto Principle is (i.e. 80/20 Rule).
  • How to write a MOST Analysis and when to use one.
  • How to write a SWOT Analysis and when to use one.

Instructional level



  • None; just an interest in the topic.

Who should take this online course

For total beginners. Students will have a better idea of where they wish to center their focus (as it pertains to opportunities to make additional income through investment and entrepreneurship).