Super Self Discipline Like a Monk TM

Discipline Like A Monk Resist Temptations and Reach Your Long-Term Goals with Simplicity and Clarity


Course in English

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  • Lifetime

Teacher: Dr. F A K Noble



  • You will Learn Mindset of truly top 5% successful people of the world with super
  • How to have true self super discipline like a monk
  • How to become truly successful doing less
  • How to learn laser single pointedness focus like a monk
  • How to learn consistency, stability, uniformity, coherence, steadiness, cohesion
  • How to learn unity, harmony like a monk for true freedom in life and projects.
  • How to be peaceful and achieve super productive with self-super discipline.

Instructional level



  • No prior experience is needed to join in this course.
  • You can study super discipline anywhere with a stable internet connection.

Who should take this online course

anyone who wants to have super discipline and achieve true freedom and success 

Students, coaches, teachers and professionals