Teach Your Child Maths - Key Stage 2 SATS 11+ KS2 ISEB Exams

Learn How To Teach Your Child Maths & How to Pass Their Key Stage 2 SATS 11+ KS2 ISEB Exams


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Teacher: Paul Darvell



  • Learn Maths at Key Stage 2 Level (UK Syllabus)
  • Pass Key Stage 2, KS2, 11+, ISEB and Entrance Exams

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Who should take this online course

This course is for anyone looking to teach their child to learn maths at age 8 to 12 level. The course content is based on the UK syllabus specifically targeted at children ages 10 & 11 (Years 5 and 6 - UK School Level). This course teaches maths and gets your child ready for 11+, ISEB, SATS or Key Stage 2 Maths exams.