Teaching In China: Tips For Teaching kindergarten in China

Tips for aspiring ESL teachers planning to start a teaching career in China


Course in English

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Teacher: Sixto Bayoes Layao



  • Write a Lesson Plan designed for kindergarten students ages 3-6 years old.
  • Familiarize the INs and OUTs of teaching little kids
  • Manage and teach different student levels in the kindergarten effectively
  • Teach kids with competence

Instructional level



  • Willingness to sing and dance and roll on the floor for the students
  • Basic writing skills - Needed to write a lesson plan
  • A little drawing skills- Needed to prepare visual aids
  • Genuine love for teaching and kids- Needed to last for the job

Who should take this online course

Non-Education majors switching to teaching jobs

Relocating to China for work with no prior knowledge in classroom teaching

Those who want to learn how to teach and manage 3-6 years old kids