The Complete CodeIgniter 4 Series with Bootstrap 4+ProjectsD

CodeIgniter 4 step by step with Bootstrap 4 from scratch with advance concepts like cache and proje


Course in English

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  • Certificate of Completion

  • More than 1 hour of content

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Teacher: Shehzad Ahmed



  • Build website from scratch using CodeIgniter
  • Signup System
  • Login system
  • Crud Operation in CodeIgniter
  • Why you break your HTML content into multiple parts
  • ORM(Object Relational Mapping)
  • How to embed Bootstrap 4
  • How to create front-end using Bootstrap 4
  • How to validate your user while working on Session

Instructional level



  • Basic knowledge of Server (XAMPP, WAMPP)
  • Basic knowledge of Programming
  • Basic knowledge of CorePHP (PHP4)
  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Basic knowledge SQL
  • PHP 5.x is required

Who should take this online course

Anyone who want to learn a PHP framework

Anyone who want to learn how to use bootstrap in CodeIgniter

Anyone who want to learn Web development /Web Application

Anyone who want to create Web Application / Website from scratch