The Joy of Art History

Teaching and learning art history the fun way


Course in English

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Teacher: Mar韆 Magdalena Ziegler Delgado



  • To understand how useful and wonderful art history is.
  • To get familiar with the experience of art and its possibilities.
  • To establish the best way to teach art history depending on age.
  • To comprehend how useful digital technologies are to teach art history.

Instructional level



  • Love to learn!
  • Curiosity about art and its history!
  • Thirst for innovation!
  • Creative drive!

Who should take this online course

This course is for the general public who wishes to get closer to the History of art or that is usually dedicated to teaching it at schools or universities.

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    Ariana L髉ez Di Rocco
    n curso marvilloso! Deleite para el intelecto y para la vista. Cada vez que lo veo, aprendo algo nuevo.
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    Keily Rangel
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    Ruben Benarroch
    It's a true pleasure to take any course from Ma Magdalena Ziegler!