Video Editing With Filmora 12 for Complete Beginners 2023

Edit Videos with Filmora 12


Course in Spanish

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  • More than 1 hour of content

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Teacher: Abdurrasheed Sa'id



  • Learning the basics of downloading and installing the software
  • General overview of the platform
  • Basic editing in filmora 12
  • Adding B-rolls
  • Adding transitions
  • Inserting and editing text
  • Adding video colour
  • Adding music and sound effects
  • Exploring additional features
  • Exporting videos in different formats

Instructional level



  • Video, audio and images for direct editing
  • A computer with Filmora 12 Software installed

Who should take this online course

This Udemy course is focused on teaching beginners how to use Filmora 12, the latest version of the powerful video editing software developed by Wondershare. It offers enhanced performance and efficiency with advanced features, AI tools, and 4K editing support. The course covers a wide range of topics, including basic editing, adding B-rolls, incorporating transitions, inserting text and titles, enhancing videos with color, adding music and sound effects, and exporting videos in various formats. It is designed for individuals with no prior video editing experience and aims to provide a seamless and professional video editing learning experience using Filmora 12.