Watercolor Painting | Paint With Me | Freedom and Expression

I believe this course will assist many watercolorist too paint expressive and loose.


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Teacher: Arie Swanepoel



  • I believe this course will assist many painters too paint expressive and loose.
  • How to do a simple line drawing to start your painting process.
  • Choose the proper painting supplies for a loose painting technique.
  • Express freedom in painting by developing the right mindset.
  • Develop a loose technique. I will demonstrate ways to free up your painting.
  • Use colour creatively.
  • In the section: "Paint with me" I will work thought full demonstrations.

Instructional level



  • No previous experience needed but an open mind to loosen up.

Who should take this online course

This course is for beginners and intermediate level artists seeking to develop a loose style of painting.

Any artist who that feels that his watercolour artwork lacks looseness, expression should take this course.