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Jennifer Hancock

Founder: Humanist Learning Systems

Jennifer Hancock is the author of several best selling books and the founder of Humanist Learning Systems where she offers online personal and professional development programs. What makes her unique is that she teaches humanistic approaches grounded in dignity and compassion coupled with science based behavioral modification techniques to create positive workplace cultures that eliminate unwanted behaviors like bullying, harassment and discrimination while positively reinforcing the behavior
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Manatee County FL, United States
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Humanist Learning Systems Founder 2013 - 2021
BA Cognitive Linguistics University of Hawaii at Manoa 1984 - 1987
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    Creating a Sexual Harassment Training that Actually Works

    Federal law prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. The EEOC encourages all employers to take steps necessary to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. One of the main ways employers try to help is through sexual harassment training programs. In this course, we will discuss how to create sexual harassment training that will actually work. What will you learn in this course? Why tackle sexual harassment (federal law and ethical considerations)What is sexual harassment and how does it related to other forms of harassmentRealistic expectations for your training programWhat it takes to actually end harassment in the workplace

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    The Science of Change

    The job of a coach or a manager, is to help someone who is rational and wants to change, learn how to actually do that by helping them to overcome their instinctual responses so that they can change. The science of how behaviors are shaped and molded, behavioral conditioning techniques known as operant conditioning, is really useful knowledge for a coach or manager. This course explores the science of how behaviors are changed and how we can use that to help the people we mentor and coach to actually change their behavior so they can succeed in whatever it is they want to do. The course consists of a set of video lesson with lecture notes for reference. Take this course if you are a life coach or mentor looking to improve your knowledge and skills so that you can more effectively help your clients and the people you mentor.

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    A Parent's Guide to Helping Children with Bullying

    Every parent worries that their child will become the victim of bullying. And for good reason. At some point, most kids will be bullied. Bullying is a problem that can be solved with education. Most adults, and therefore most parents, were never taught how to effectively deal with bullies so they don’t know how to help their children and they are left feeling helpless and their children are left struggling. The good news is that teaching kids how to get bullies to leave them alone is actually quite simple. The problem is that most parents don’t know what these skills are, let alone, how to teach them. What will you learn in this course? The skills I teach are based on operant conditioning. These techniques are well established and work so well, they are used by every animal trainer in the country and are the basis for most successful weight loss programs. It is just a matter of applying these behavioral modification principles to the problem of bullying. If you let me, I will teach you all you need to know to apply the principles of positive and negative reinforcement to the specific problem of retraining a bully to no longer bully so that you in turn can teach these techniques to your child. Author

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