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Miguel 聲gel Vargas

Profesor de Idiomas

Miguel 聲gel Vargas Egresado de la facultad de idiomas en la carrera de ense鎙nza de lenguas extranjeras, poliglota, hablante de espa隳l, ingl廥, franc廥. Cantante de opera. Escritor amateur de novelas y canciones.
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Tijuana, Mexico
ingl廥 para latinosingl廥 pre intermedio
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    English for begginers

    English for begginers   Everyone is capable of understanding english, you just have to be patient, there is no one struggling on you, just cause you don't know a language. Learning a language has to be as relaxed as possible So, here you can learn at your time, peacefully.    I am a teacher of university, I am bilingual, I speak english, spanish and french. In this course you will be able to dominate or be aware of which are the begginer's topics for the levels A1 and A2.

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